We connect people to training, preparation, and resources to achieve economic security and financial resiliency.

Homeward Bound

No matter your age or background — let us help you make strides toward home-ownership.

Our Certified Housing Counselors and Wealth Coaches are trusted advisers ready to assist you with obtaining affordable rentals, transitioning into home-ownership, and saving your home or refinancing.

Homeward Bound gives you access to trainings, workshops, and financial coaching sessions that cover a variety of topics:

  • Credit improvement

  • Money management & financial fitness

  • Housing and home-ownership

Building the Future

We don't just build futures, we build homes too.

Since the completion of our first house in 2013, BHO has been building innovative and attractive 'Green' homes.

The first house was completed in 2013. We use superior building materials to build quality homes — stone coated metal roofing systems, solar water heaters, energy efficient windows, hardwood cabinets with hard-surface counter tops, low flow plumbing, and tiled bathrooms.

We build the future; we build homes:

  • Low maintenance

  • Low energy cost/usage

  • High value, affordable cost

  • For new, regional home-buyers

Home Preservation Team (HPT)

Join us in repairing homes for our neighbors in need.

HPT is a community-based volunteer effort to reduce substandard housing conditions for the very low-income elderly and disabled homeowners in Brunswick County.

HPT uses teams of volunteers to provide labor along with donated materials to complete minor and moderate repairs. This is an effort to improve the overall living conditions of our neighbors in need.

Our 2020 Initiatives are working to eradicate substandard housing in Brunswick County:

  • Home SAFE ensures homes are safe and accessible for our neighbors in need.

  • Brunswick Blitz rallies Mission and Faith-Based groups in a shared effort to serve our community

Neighborhood Coalition (NHC)

We support grassroots efforts in Brunswick and neighboring counties.

Neighborhood Coalitions Services provides facilitation, capacity building, and fiscal support to grassroots organizations in Brunswick and Columbus Counties (and, to a lesser extent, Bladen and Pender Counties).

NHC advocates for and supports citizen-led community development. BHO works in concert with communities:

  • Identifying community and individual assets

  • Completing assessments

  • Developing asset maps

  • Building and implementing community plans

Our goal is to ensure lasting and long-range impact through developed Neighborhood Associations that continue to address the current and future needs of their communities.